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ProjectBid Date/TimeStatusCategoryOwner(s)
Construction - Building: Minnesota State, HTC/EP-2023 AHU-RTU 964 Replacement
Services: Developers of High-Density, Mixed-Use, Transit-Oriented Developments 1.66 acres in the Central Business District of Saint Paul, Minnesota
Construction - Infrastructure: SAP 052-637-006 - CSAH 37 Bit Overlay
Construction - Infrastructure: Metro Plant Fourth Incinerator
Construction - Infrastructure: City of Princeton, Bituminous sealcoat (streets, parking lots, and alleys)
Construction - Building: Asset Condition Assessment Services
Construction - Building: RFQ for Office Remodel
Other: France Avenue Sidewalk - Phase 2
Construction - Building: DTL - 1.5 MG Elevated Water Storage Tank
Construction - Building: L73 Odor Control Improvements